CNS has made demands

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CNS has made demands Empty CNS has made demands

Post  z5151 on Wed Jun 08, 2011 1:08 pm

We all know the back story, pf and shadow raided them, and then they started probing me. I told them to gtfo, and they started to attack. now they are paying mason and pf back all their resources but they are demanding the following

z5151's role in this conflict is prickly and CNS really can not allow him to get out of this with just a nicely-worded request like we have allowed the rest of ANSC. For CNS to cease operations against him, he would need to agree to either:

A. Begin regular resource shipments to a number of lower-ranking CNS members to be determined should he agree to such terms, or

B. Willingly and knowingly sacrifice his entire fleet, either through a direct attack at a world of my choosing or knowing refusal to fleetsave.

The alternative is that CNS will continue combat operations against Z until he is back under 5000 points and immune from attack from our senior members.

CNS has made demands Wings-of-blue-5jpg-70393e9b81aa4065_large

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